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Together we can provide a solution which kickstarts social and key worker housing development, focussing on the provision and management of genuinely affordable and social housing in the UK & Europe, The Americas and Middle East & North Africa.

The current funding model for social and key worker rented housing is broken. Local authorities, housing associations and private developers can't make it work. But together we can.

brik has reimagined the financing of affordable rented housing making it work for councils, investors and most importantly our hard working tenants.

A sustainable solution to the 85% shortfall in social and affordable long-term rental development which works for everyone.

A turn-key property solution for the local authorities which requires no capital expenditure, or future balance sheet impact and provides secure tenure of high quality social rental properties up to a fifty year period.


A place for people who are currently struggling on waiting lists to grow and live a happy and healthy life with family and friends, secure in the knowledge that their tenancy is long-term and the rent is truly affordable.


A secure, high yield, early exit property investment for our private equity partners in a demand led housing market. Returns on investment are assured by the sale of the local authority guaranteed rental income to institutional investors.

The houses we build, refurbish and hand over to local authorities will make a real social impact. We're starting off small, but together with our investors in these first key worker and social housing developments we're going to build something big!
Here's just a few of the projects we'd like you to get involved in.....

Project A - Ministry of Defence housing plus new build

Refurbishment of 67 key worker houses with additional development land.

Location Suffolk

Local housing waiting list 988

Investment tenure 36 months

Download the full social impact investment development deck

Project B - New build community

An exciting new collection of affordable 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom contemporary homes.

Location Exeter

Local housing waiting list 2,200

Investment tenure 24 months

Download the full social impact investment development deck

Project C - Newly converted affordable homes

Unbroken freehold property comprising 29 flats

Location Bradford

Local housing waiting list 15,358

Investment tenure 5 years

Download the full social impact investment development deck

Now you’ve seen what we’re up to, how about we put our heads together? Whether you’re a potential investor, from a Local Authority with a pressing need for social rental housing or a development land owner, it will be great to hear from you. Drop us a line and one of our senior team will get right back to you.

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